Carbon Reductions & ROI

Investigate your opportunity for a strong return on investment through carbon reductions.

As a capital expense, you can expect a solar carport to pay for itself within 7 to 9 years. However, for those who prefer not to tie up capital or take on debt to fund the initial investment, they can be 3rd party funded with CCS arranging finance via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The PPA also fixes the cost of electricity, providing long-term security of supply and visibility of future energy costs.

Benefits of working with Carbon Climate Solutions

  • Solar carports will pay for themselves & generate considerable ROI. Expect 4 to 9 years on Capex.
  • Funding options available for Power Purchase Agreements, removing capital investment.
  • Increases asset value of the business.
  • Highly visible carbon reduction initiative.
  • Enhances brand & lowers carbon footprint.
  • Future proof with energy supply security & EV charging.

Payback between 6 and 9 years and quicker in some cases


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